Machine learning – a branch of artificial intelligence

December 12, 2018
Machine learning gives computer system its ability to learn and improve from experience. It is a branch of artificial intelligence and is becoming extremely popular today through smartphone applications. Machine learning has taken mobile devices into a whole new level. Smartphones are becoming smarter. This innovation has been a big help not only to mobile phone users but also in other sectors of society.

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The business sector is ramping up their machine learning investment. It is also perceived that smartphones and machine learning as a whole could pave a way for robotic process automation, which will surely help in evolving the operations and functions of many industries. For someone who is not technologically savvy, machine learning could be a complex subject that is extremely hard to comprehend. It requires a tremendous amount of knowledge and power for one to understand how machine learning functions and its impact on every aspect of life.

Computer enthusiasts like Dov Katz know for a fact that machine learning if utilized properly, will be a great asset to many industries. Today, machine learning’s application is more on the improvement of mobile phone features such as voice recognition, language translation, virtual reality, smart camera functions, and improved device security. These advanced features only go to show the unique benefits of machine learning on small devices. Businesses and other sectors are thinking of ways to incorporate machine learning to their daily business operations. Machine learning is becoming a handheld reality enabling unique features to be within our reach.

Dov Katz is experts in machine learning. He is a computer science graduate with a double degree in electrical engineering. He is fascinated with how computer works, especially machine learning and robotics. He took up computer science to further enrich his knowledge and understanding as to how a computer works and how it affects our daily lives. Dov Katz moved to the United States to further advance his knowledge of computer and be able to broaden his learning horizons. He took up his masters and Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Fortunately, he was employed by one of the best technology companies in the world, Oculus. He was the senior engineer and eventually become the head of computer vision. One of his achievements was being a part of the team responsible for creating Oculus Rift VR; a virtual reality headset. Today, Dov Katz continues to do his research and involvement on various patents. His ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life of human through the application of modern technology.